Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What a weird day.

I just got an email listing the people that made the World Series of Comedy satellite I had applied for, and I didn't make this list. It's hitting me weird. Not because I'm super invested in how I'm perceived on my festival submissions, but more because I made this fest four years ago when I was barely a comic.

Feels strange, but maybe I just need a better video. I know I need a better video because I know some of the people that made it over me, and that's sits even worse with me.

I am certainly focused on creating new material right now. Festivals probably shouldn't be my focus anyway. Again, not complaining, but looking inward and where I've managed to land.

In other news, I took a whopping minute and a half to put some silly video mocking the whole Kylie Jenner challenge thing on my Facebook last night. That now has well over 1,000 shares and 50,000 views. That wasn't expected, but with the internet I guess you just keep putting out content, and do your best to make it something others can enjoy.

When life gives you lemons, tell jokes to the oranges I guess.

Stay sexy.

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