Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gotta get the poison out

It's interesting to think that inspiration can come from the strangest of places.

I never suspected that my dad of all people would stumble across the handful of posts I had left up on this blog and text me about enjoying it.

I kind of forgot how much I enjoy it too.

It feels good to just sit down and write things out sometimes.

So I guess updates on where I am in life.
I've been working on my monthly comedy showcase here in Kansas City, and let me tell you, it is overall going very well. The idea is we don't just do a normal show, we do a new show every month with only new material.
That's games, sketches, improv, really whatever dumb thing we can think of.
That's been running for a year and some change, and we've been fairly successful.

Haven't had a lot of luck on the YouTube front, and to be fair I don't know what I expect. The classics are still pulling in views, but creating and maintaining a consistent fan base based off of one video hit is nigh impossible. Still putting things up when I feel like it though.

Work is going about as well as it has been for awhile now. It's not that I don't enjoy what I do, I just often feel like I am getting stagnant. I always want so much more our of life, but here we are.

Finally getting to a point where some of my major debts are being truly tackled. I'm hoping to soon to be able to financially breathe. Just got to make sure I keep hustling.

This is really my usual introspective bullshit, but I'm not feeling overly introspective right now. I'm not struggling with my redundant existential crisis. I'm just letting it be.

I don't know that I'm happy, but I also don't know that true happy, the way we've all invented for television and movies, actually exists. I settle for contentment and general positivity.

That's all I need for right now.

Stay Sexy.

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